Virtual Team Building with SmartHunts®

Enhance your virtual meetings with a welcomed entertainment break! Energize your team and bring them together with a virtual and interactive fun with our Corporate Trivia Blitz, Virtual Magic Show , Virtual Mind Games, Championship Series Game Show, City SmartHunts® & DIY Scavenger Games .

Our professional facilitators and hosts will entertain your team from 1-2  hour with our virtual events and activities, now available via teleconference like Zoom® Meetings, Microsoft Teams® or  Cisco WebEx®.

Game Series

Based on your preferred Main Event, our game designers work with your team to organize, schedule and promote the event!

Customized Experience

Our team will customize your event, including branding with logos and graphics. Program content can reflect your organizations goals and objectives.

Expert Facilitation

We take pride in the fact that we have the most talented and experienced professional facilitators in the country designing and delivering SmartHunts nationwide.

Zoom® Meeting

We are a turn key operation. We provide professional video broadcast with capabilities of 1000 logins live and up to 10,000 in streaming broadcast.

Awards Ceremony

The winning team will take a group photo to commemorate their victory and will receive “Bragging Rights” for life! You can customize and supplement the prize offering to enhance the reward.

Highlight Video

We provide a FREE highlight video as a keepsake that you can share with others after the event.

The Trivia Blitz SmartHunt® is a trivia challenge event that incorporates gamification and is delivered remotely to your team. This one hour event consists of different rounds of customized trivia challenges presented with the SmartHunts app and ZOOM presentations by our facilitator. Participants complete the custom corporate trivia challenges and each challenge a team member completes earns them points. The participant that earns the most points wins!
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Bring your team together with a virtual and interactive magic show! Everyone will be amazed through the computer screen as they participate remotely. This is live entertainment where the audience's choices directly affect the outcome of the magic. This show is professionally produced and can serve as a great way to enhance a virtual meeting.

- Individuals will be chosen to participate picking playing cards, colors, numbers and more.
- Group demonstrations are done where everyone will participate at the same time such as a test in mass influence, suggestion, and even learning a magic trick they will be able to do for their friends and family.
- This is a live interactive virtual experience and everyone's choices directly effect the outcome of the magic and the experience so every performance is unique to that group.
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Get ready for a mind bending experience! This event is designed to push the mental limits of your team. Players will enjoy a series of optical illusions and trick questions that will expand their brains. Creative thinking, logic and memory skills will be put to the test while everyone tries to rack up as many points as possible to show off their brain power! This is Mind Games!

Elements of Mind Games Include:
- Brain Bending Demonstrations - Everyone will get to experience brain bending demonstrations that explore quirks in human psychology. These will have people saying "How is that possible!" As mixed up words still make sense and objects seem to vanish in psychological blind spots.
- Trick Questions - Trick questions will test how sharp everyone's creative and critical thinking skills are.
- Mental Challenges - A series of mental activities, such as a memorization challenge, have been designed to help build mental muscle.
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