SmartHunts are a unique combination of sightseeing, adventure, teambuilding challenges and gamification FUN!

The SmartHunts® App technology is far superior to anything else in the corporate scavenger hunt industry. Interacting with the latest technology drives enthusiasm and friendly competition among team participants.

Our programs are greatly enhanced by a live leaderboard, a constant flow of text, photo, video activities and road block challenges presented on the teams iPads.

<-- Watch our short SmartHunts introduction "How It Works" video!

Professional Facilitators

SmartHunts acquired the most talented and experienced corporate scavenger hunt facilitators in the country. Since then, they have been designing and delivering high quality, high-tech corporate SmartHunts nationwide for the past 5 years.

Mobile Technology

We invented the SmartHunts and Facilitator Apps, that work seamlessly together, to create amazing corporate adventures. Our mobile App technolology takes event design, production and management to a whole new level of professionalism.


We supply all the hardware and software required to run your SmartHunt event. Including Apple iPads® running the latest Apple® IOS, loaded with our SmartHunts® App. and connect to the internet via AT&T LTE and WIFI.

Live Leaderboard

Our Amazon cloud-based management system allows access to live updates of team scoring.

GPS Mapping

Using our GPS tracking & mapping system we always know where teams are located.

Social Media

Participants can push any photo
or video to social media including;

• FaceBook®
• Twitter®

Text Messaging

Teams are always kept up to date by our facilitator using text messaging. Surprise Road Block challenges are sent out to keep the group on their toes.

Cool Technology

Enhance your event by adding:
• Drones
• Robots
• Go Pro

Live Multi-Media Slideshow

Instant gratification! Our Amazon cloud system allows us to create a multi-media presentation of the best photo and video clips from your SmartHunt and deliver it at your Awards Ceremony.

QR Codes

Use QR Codes to unlock hidden missions, provide proof of location, or score your successful participation in an activity.

Cool Apps

SmartHunts takes advantage of API integration from some of the leading third party apps. This plug-in environment enables us to take your event to the next level.

Customization & Branding

We can brand the event with your company logo and customized content including points of interest, photo, video, and trivia to meet your goals and outcomes.

The SmartHunts® & Facilitator® Apps

We developed the SmartHunts® apps so that we can consistently deliver the best possible experience when producing corporate team-building and other corporate adventures. We have total control over every detail of the event. From user experience, to customized content, to managing the event with our Facilitator® App. This is a turn key experience, where we provide everything.

The SmartHunts® Platform is built with thee primary elements. The SmartHunts® App (Participants side), The Facilitator® App (Event Management) and our CMS built on the Amazon Cloud Service (Control Center Backend).

The SmartHunts® apps works seamlessly with or without internet connectivity. Our app is designed with triple redundancy protection. Zero Failure!

• AT&T 4G LTE services - The best network in the field.
• Wi-Fi - Great for venue locations.
• Local Game - The game is loaded on our iPads, no connectivity ever required.

We provide all of the iPads® for your program. Our events are turnkey. Our hardware is always up to date and in top condition.

Our fleet of iPads are managed by Cisco Meraki MDM platform. Recognized as the best MDM in the industry.

We have the one of the best tech support teams in the business.