Escape SmartHunts®

Ideal for corporate groups of 50 people or more.

Embrace your inner puzzler and embark on a quest full of challenges needed to Escape! Ready, Set, GO!

We bring the Escape Room experience to you by utilizing the spaces available in your event location. The Escape SmartHunt® is a great way for your group to have fun, while working together as a team. Teams are provided with an iPad loaded with the SmartHunts app used to guide the team through the event, capture fun photos and videos, answer trivia question answers, as well as complete the Escape Challenges. These Photo missions, video challenges, and trivia questions guide teams on a scavenger hunt through the various attractions, sites, and local gems of the area. Teams will also participate in various Escape themed challenge stations throughout the hunt to earn bonus points, as well as hack the secret code to a lockbox. At each of these Escape Room challenges, teams have to solve various puzzles as well as complete fun, cryptic challenges to allow their team to escape!

The SmartHunt® begins with an introduction by our Lead Facilitator, during which teams will be presented with the event goals, rules, and suggested strategies, followed by a demo on how to navigate the SmartHunts App. This is called the event ‘Kick-Off’ and generally requires 15 minutes. After an energizing activity guided by the Lead Facilitator, teams are provided with a SmartHunts iPad. Before teams can access the iPad, they must first hack the locked iPad code by completing various puzzles and clues in the room. Teams are allowed to escape the kick-off room and begin the Escape Room challenges only after they Hack the iPad code. A countdown clock set to 10 minutes for all teams to complete this initial challenge. The faster a team Hack the iPad , the bigger  head start they have to complete the remaining challenges. After the 10-minute timer is up, all remaining teams are provided with the code and allowed to escape the kick-off room and join the other teams in the competition.

While teams are out and about exploring the surrounding area and having fun by submitting photos, videos and trivia answers, they will also be tasked with completing the various Escape themed challenges along the way. Once teams arrive at an Escape challenge station, a SmartHunts team member (the “Escape Master”) welcomes the team and presents the challenges and cryptic puzzles needed to ‘escape’. Once the team is ready, the facilitator starts a countdown timer. Teams must solve the presented challenge within the time allotted to receive their part of the secret code to the lockbox. After all of the Escape challenges are accomplished, teams will have the complete code needed to unlock the lockbox that contains a QR code and key. Teams scan the QR code with their SmartHunts app to earn big bonus points. Teams keep the key they earn to present to the “Escape Master” who is standing at the entrance to the event end location. This entrance to the end location is themed as the Escape Room Exit door with provided graphical banners. Teams must hand their key to the facilitator in order to be allowed in for the event’s ‘Wrap-up’ ceremony, and of course, to ESCAPE!  Does your team have what it takes to ESCAPE?

The professionally facilitated wrap-up ceremony includes a super fun highlight video, comprised of a collection of the best and most creative photos and videos captured by teams throughout the event. The winning team members (the teams that earn the most points and who earn their key to escape) are also recognized and will receive gold medals (as well as bragging rights). After the SmartHunt, we will send along a secure link to a private web page that contains all the photos and videos shot by your group. The page also includes a professionally edited highlight video that will be provided within two weeks post event date and is branded for you.


Examples of Escape Room challenges.

– Cryptex Puzzles: Teams are provided with various puzzles and riddles that they have to solve, each of which earns the team a number to the cryptex. Once the puzzles are solved and the cryptex is opened, it reveals one of the numbers needed for the lock box secret code.

– Drone Maze: Teams must navigate an indoor drone course, and when the drone lands on the final obstacle, one of the numbers needed to unlock the lock box is revealed.

– Laser Maze: Teams must walk through a light laser field without touching any of the beams of light.

– Code Hack: Teams must solve puzzles to break the iPad screen lock code.

Code Jenga:  Escape Jenga game has a math equation on the bottom 3 blocks. The rules of this game prevent teams from being able to view the bottom blocks until all other blocks have been carefully extracted and set aside. When a team gets to the bottom blocks, they can flip them over, and an achievable math equation will be revealed. When teams complete this attainable equation, the answer will provide the team with a digit needed to unlock the lock box secret code.


Opening Kick-off – The Lead Facilitator delivers the event’s opening introduction, and manages the initial iPad code challenge where teams solve puzzles and clues to Hack their iPad. Once teams gain access to their iPad, they are free to leave the kick-off room and begin the SmartHunt competition.

Escape SmartHunt competition – Once out of the kick-off room, teams are tasked with earning as many points as they can by completing the various challenges set up around the area. The team that earns the most points, and that earns their team key, is the winning team. Teams earn their key (as well as bonus points) by completing the various Escape Room challenges set up.

Conclusion – Teams return to the end location for the event wrap-up that includes a highlight video presentation and awards ceremony where top teams are recognized. When teams arrive at this location, they must present their team key at the door to be allowed in the door (we make sure all teams earn this key, however the bonus points are not guaranteed). This end location door is decorated with provided banners to emulate an escape room exit door, and the wrap-up room is decorated with provided lighting. Teams gather to view the highlight video, enjoy the show and have some laughs and instill memories. Lastly, the top scoring teams are recognized and provided with their medals.