Virtual Championship Series

If you want to bring people together and keep them engaged for more than just a single meeting this is the perfect way to do it! Imagine having your own custom branded game show complete with teams, prizes, highlight reels, and more. We build your custom Championship Series around these popular games.

Smarthunts will provide your group with multiple events, that are each exciting competitive experiences, when you book our Smarthunts Championship Series!

Feeder Rounds, Main Event, Semi-Finals & Championship Matchup Finale

Teams will be set up in a bracketed format, following popular sporting events. This will build excitement and anticipation as everyone follows along with the action! The progressive matches keeps everyone connected and engaged throughout the Series!

Our creative program designers, dedicated trainers, and dynamic facilitators have delivered thousands of programs and events over the past 10 years. We will work hard to develop the perfect program for your group.

The event consists of Team Intros, The Main Event, and The Awards Ceremony. The Championship Series is made of multiple day events, each running about 60-90 minutes.

Team Introductions

(15 min.)
Each event starts with getting to know our players. Each player will answer a fun "Getting to Know You" icebreaker question, creating team bonds immediately.

The Main Event

(40-60 min.)
Select your favorite "Main Event" from our menu of options. The event is run by our engaging Game Hosts who keeps the experience running with a fun pace.

Award Ceremony

(15 min.)
At the conclusion of each match we will announce who will move onto the next round and we take a group photo of the winners. Prizes can be awarded through the series especially at the finals!

Game Series

Based on your preferred Main Event, our game designers work with your team to organize, schedule and promote the event!

Customized Experience

Our team will customize your event, including branding with logos and graphics. Program content can reflect your organizations goals and objectives.

Expert Facilitation

We take pride in the fact that we have the most talented and experienced professional facilitators in the country designing and delivering SmartHunts nationwide.

Zoom® Meeting

We are a turn key operation. We provide professional video broadcast with capabilities of 1000 logins live and up to 10,000 in streaming broadcast.

Awards Ceremony

The winning team will take a group photo to commemorate their victory and will receive “Bragging Rights” for life! You can customize and supplement the prize offering to enhance the reward.

Highlight Video

We provide a FREE highlight video as a keepsake that you can share with others after the event.