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Our design team will develop a customized plan based on your location, group size, desired outcomes and budget.

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Details include event description run-of-show, tech features, maps, videos, testimonials, pricing, and proof of insurance.

We offer simple options for your group to consider. All of our programs include destination specific points of interest, fun trivia, pop-culture mission, clues to solve, photo & video missions, GPS mapping system, social media sharing, team tracking, and a live leaderboard with an event slideshow. Whether your gathering is in-person or remote, your group will enjoy the same great hunt. Which SmartHunt® is the best for your group?



Professionally facilitated by our experienced staff and delivered using our iPads®.

SmartHunts® are a creative way to explore new destinations. Informative & fun!

Ideal for corporate groups of 40 -2000.
Starting at $4750

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Your group is together at your destination, our facilitator joins your group via ZOOM®.

Simply install SmartHunts®on your phones, and enjoy our great SmartHunt®.

Ideal for corporate groups of 40-100.
Starting at $2950

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DIY SmartHunts® are a great alternative for looking for an economical way to play.

Install on your phones and enjoy the same great SmartHunt!

Ideal for smaller groups of 20-40.
Starting at $1950

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Simply complete the form below, or call us at (800) 764-HUNT (4868) and our talented and competent staff will provide you with a comprehensive written proposal. Our proposals include written programs descriptions, program videos, playing field maps, pricing, proof of insurance, as well as options to help you reach your event goals.