Virtual Trivia Blitz

Are you ready? Because you’ve been chosen to be the next contestant on your very own virtual game show!

The Trivia Blitz SmartHunt® is a trivia challenge event that incorporates gamification and is delivered remotely to your team. Our Trivia Blitz host will bring everyone together with a ZOOM presentation explaining how the game will be played. Each question will be revealed one at a time by our host. Players will use the proprietary SmartHunts app to enter in the answers to their questions and try to win valuable points!

This one hour event consists of different rounds of trivia challenges. Trivia questions can be supplied by SmartHunts® or the client or we can create customized trivia for your group. Customized trivia is a great way to reinforce core values and awareness in a fun and exciting manner. Each round of customized trivia questions can focus on a specific topic of the clients choosing.

Between rounds we can feature “commercial breaks” chosen by the client that bring humor or awareness to important topics. Imagine showcasing a new project or concept during your very own virtual game show. Commercial breaks are also an excellent opportunity to recognize an employee or your whole team for their outstanding work!

At the end of the Trivia Blitz experience the host will present an award wrap up.
The players with the most points will be recognized and prizes will be awarded. Prizes can range from a lifetime supply or bragging rights, printable customized award certificates, or any type of grand prize supplied by the client.

So contact us today and YOU will be the next contest on your own virtual game show!

Run of Show: ______________________________________________

Prior to The Event
All participants should have the SmartHunts app downloaded and the proper “Trivia Blitz” game installed.

Participants should be logged into Zoom. Ideally with their cameras enabled, viewing in standard mode, and their microphones muted. A predetermined Zoom Meeting Room will be used. A representative from the client-side will introduce the experience using a pre-written introduction that SmartHunts will provide.

The Experience
The Trivia Blitz experience will last approximately 40-60 minutes based on audience interaction and the client specifications.