Amazing Chase SmartHunt®

Ready, Set, GO!

The Amazing Chase SmartHunt® is a fun, energetic, and entertaining outdoor or indoor adventure. The SmartHunt® begins with an opening during which teams learn how to navigate the SmartHunts App. Teams are given iPads® with Amazing Race-type instructions and must analyze the information and clues while developing the best possible strategy to become the champions. After an energizing icebreaker conducted by our facilitator, teams are on their way!

Photo missions, video challenges, and trivia questions guide teams on a race through monumental attractions, historic sites, and local gems. Our experienced facilitators lead teams through engaging teambuilding stations where participants collaborate in interactive, hands-on challenges. GPS tracking and a one way messaging system allow facilitators to stay connected with teams throughout the hunt.

Upon completion, teams race each other-and the clock-in a sprint to the finish line. A slideshow of images and videos recorded throughout the day is presented at the concluding awards ceremony. Winning team members will also receive gold medals.

After the SmartHunt, we will send you a secure link to a private webpage that contains all the photos and videos shot by your group. The page also includes a professional highlight video that will be provided two weeks post event date.

Through shared laughter, songs, dance, and games, SmartHunts increase communication, enhance collaboration, and boost morale, bringing teams closer than ever before.