Virtual Mind Games

Get ready for a mind bending experience! This event is designed to push the mental limits of your team. Players will enjoy a series of optical illusions and trick questions that will expand their brains. Creative thinking, logic and memory skills will be put to the test while everyone tries to rack up as many points as possible to show off their brain power!

Elements of Mind Games Include:

Trick Questions – Trick questions will test how sharp everyone’s creative and critical thinking skills are. These questions will be shared by our host via video conferencing and players will use the proprietary SmartHunts® app to make their best guess from the multiple choice answers provided. The players who receive the most points will be recognized at the end for their exceptional mind power!

Brain Bending Illusions – Everyone will get to experience brain bending demonstrations that explore quirks in human psychology. These will have people saying “How is that possible!” Such as mixed up words still make sense, objects that appear to move while truly they are stationary, and other optical illusions that will leave everyone in disbelief of what their eyes are telling them.

Mental Challenges – Mental activities, such as a memorization challenge, have been designed to help build and flex your groups mental muscle. Warning: These challenges are not easy and will potentially tie your contestants brains in knots!

This experience is perfect for groups that value creativity and want to encourage outside the box thinking. So get ready for the mental Olympics, this is Mind Games!

Run of Show – Mind Games:_______________________________________

Prior to The Event
● All participants should have the SmartHunts app downloaded and the proper “Mind
Games” game installed.

● Participants should be logged into Zoom. Ideally with their cameras enabled, viewing in
standard mode, and their microphones muted.
● A predetermined Zoom Meeting Room will be used.
● A representative from the client side will introduce the experience using a pre-written
introduction we will provide.

The Experience
● The Mind Games experience will last approximately 40-60 minutes based on audience
interaction and the client specifications.
● Every segment of the performance is designed for maximum audience participation and
● The focus of the experience is to enhance creative and cristal thinking.
● Everyone will participate in brain bending demonstrations that explore quirks in human
phycology and optical illusions that fool the eyes.
● Trick questions will test how sharp everyone’s creative and critical thinking skills. Correct
answers are worth points and the highest scores will be revealed at the end.

The Wrap Up
● At the conclusion of the experience the Ming Games host can make any special
mentions that the client requests and thank the organization that has arranged for the
● The players with the highest scores will be announced and recognized for their
outstanding creative and critical thinking skills.
● The Mind Games host will then turn the Zoom Meeting back over to the client