Virtual Scavenger Games

The Virtual Scavenger Games combines the best features of our SmartHunts software with the excitement of team competition. This high energy remote facilitated event is sure to capture everyone’s attention!

During the Virtual Scavenger Game, our professional Game Host will introduce various tasks, missions, and challenges that can be completed in exchange for points. These missions are designed to include a wide cross section of contexts to bring out each team member’s strengths. Everyone must contribute for a team to be successful!

Part 1: Kickoff

This electrifying experience begins with the SmartHunts® Host bringing everyone together with a fun presentation explaining how the game will be played. Participants should be logged into Zoom, ideally with their cameras enabled, viewing in standard mode, and with their microphones muted. A predetermined Zoom Meeting Room will be used. Players will interact using Zoom, but will also use the proprietary SmartHunts app to select their answers to their questions and try to win valuable points! Your group is also divided into teams based on their individual virtual locations. After an energizing introduction led by our remote SmartHunts® Host, the competitive juices will be flowing and teams will be ready to start.

Part 2: The Virtual SmartHunt Main Event

The Virtual Scavenger Games consists of a wide range of fun and interesting missions, where teams use the SmartHunts app to receive instructions, record points and document their experiences with photos and videos. Each question will be revealed one at a time by our host. Surprises lie around every turn with hidden bonus tasks suddenly appearing and outrageous roadblock activities popping up that require teams to work together in person or remotely to successfully complete physical tests of skill and solve virtual problem-solving games and puzzles.

Examples Include:

  • Lightning Speed Challenges – Challenges that require people to complete an activity using items found around the house under very tight timeframes.
  • Social Media Challenges – Participants attempt some of the funniest and most interesting memes from the past as well as some of the most recent.
  • Fast Match – Memory match game using playing cards.
  • Scavenger SmartHunt® – Interactive “scavenger hunt” style challenges done around participants’ homes/working locations.
  • Solo Challenges – Fun missions that can be completed by 1 person.
  • Brain Teasers Fun problem-solving  activities to challenge cognitive abilities
  • Trivia Blitz – Fun, customizable trivia questions completed in record time.

Part 3: Wrap Up

At the conclusion of the experience, the SmartHunts® Host can make any special announcements, or touch on any debriefing topics that the client requests. A slideshow of images and videos recorded throughout the experience is presented at the concluding awards ceremony where winners are announced and awarded virtual gold medals or other prizes of your choosing. The SmartHunts Host can also use this time as an opportunity to highlight any member of your group, your group’s accomplishments, or any other special announcement requests. We will then thank everyone for their enthusiasm and turn the Zoom Meeting back over to the client representative.


Post Event:

Following your SmartHunt® experience, you will be provided with a detailed report of your event, including a final leaderboard, statistical percentage of correct & incorrect answers, all photo and video files, as well as a highlight reel edited with music and custom branding.