Virtual Holiday Magic – Group Entertainment & Team Building

The holiday season is a time for fun, excitement and togetherness. However it’s not always possible to get together physically. At SmartHunts we can provide you with the perfect holiday party experience for your group wherever they are in the world. Even if your group is a bunch of penguins and polar bears at the North Pole!

We bring the fun with live interactive entertainment, wild scavenger hunts, custom trivia games, and just about anything else you might have on that holiday wish list of yours!

Our programs are perfect for groups of all sizes from a handful of your key players to groups of 500 or more people and it’s all done remotely from the comfort of your own home or office! Participants can even get their families involved. As they say the more the merrier!

Scavenger Games

(90 Min.)
The Virtual Scavenger Games combines the best features of our SmartHunts software with the excitement of team competition. This high energy remote facilitated event is sure to capture everyone’s attention!

During the Virtual Scavenger Game, our professional Game Host will introduce various tasks, missions, and challenges that can be completed in exchange for points. These missions are designed to include a wide cross section of contexts to bring out each team member’s strengths. Everyone must contribute for a team to be successful!

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Magic Show

(1 Hour)
Bring your team together with a virtual and interactive magic show! Your host is Anton James Andresen the only person in history to be recognized as the Official Magician of the city he was born in, Salem Massachusetts. He brings his 20+ years of experience astonishing audiences directly to your group.

Everyone will be amazed through the computer screen as they participate in the impossible remotely. You might even get to learn a trick or two that you can amaze your friends and family with.

Trivia Blitz

(1 Hour)
Each question will be revealed one at a time by our host. Players will use the proprietary SmartHunts app to enter in the answers to their questions and try to win valuable points!

Each round of trivia questions will focus on a holiday topics!

Between rounds we can feature “commercial breaks” chosen by the client that bring humor or awareness to important topics. Imagine showcasing a new project or concept during your very own virtual game show.

Cocktail Party

(2 Hours)
Looking for something with a little more holiday “spirit”? Our interactive cocktail party is just the thing to warm everyone up this season. Participants will receive cocktail kits selected by your company and our customized Cocktail Party app that will capture the fun. Our facilitator will guide everyone through the making of various cocktails and will even teach your group a few fun bar bets that they can use at other holiday parties. At the end of the event a highlight video is shown capturing the “spirit” of the evening.

Dinner Party

(2 Hours)
This holiday season we can help you throw a dinner party for your favorite people! You provide the catered meals and we bring the fun! Our professional host will begin by welcoming everyone to the event and giving them an overview of the evening. Participants are then sent to their own private virtual dining rooms where they will enjoy playing some dinner party games and conversational prompts provided by us. If desired we can also provide our customized Holiday Dinner Party app so they can capture the experience with photos and videos that we will use to create a memorable highlight video of the evening.

Gift Card Swap

(1 Hour)
There is nothing like the fun and excitement of a gift swap! Our version uses gift cards or predetermined gifts chosen by the client. Participants are given challenges that will determine the order of who gets to pick their gift first. Then we have extra surprises, twists and turns that will keep everyone guessing to who will end up with what and most importantly who will be the big winner!

Holiday Olympics

(1 Hour)
Put your holiday skills to the test with The Holiday Olympics! Challenges such as speed gift wrapping, extreme cookie eating, and competitive decorating are just a few of the hurdles participants will face. Our Holiday Olympics App captures all the fun and excitement that we then turn into a slideshow for viewing during the events wrap up. At the end everyone will enjoy an awards ceremony where we announce the top players of the Holiday Olympics!

Beat The Grump

(1 Hour)
If scrooge and the grinch had a lovechild it would be THE GRUMP! In this game players will compete against THE GRUMP in a series of games such as two truths and a lie, holiday charades, find the coal and more! The players with the most points wins and restores a sense of holiday spirit for all!

Present Guessing Game Show

(1 Hour)
In this holiday themed guessing game players are given clues to a secret presents identity and make their best guess as to what it is. The team or player with the most correct guesses wins! They might even get to take home a present of their choice!