Prior to the event have one player per team download the app by following the instructions below and watching the video instructions for using the app on the download page. This person will be referred to as the “Team Captain”.

Teams will not be able to play until the game is started remotely by SmartHunts.

Download Instructions (One Download Per Team - Prior to the Event):

1. Visit:
2. Watch the overview video.
3. Download the Apple IOS or Android version of the app.
a. Please use personal (not corporate) phones.
b. iPhone for best results.
4. Follow the instructions for your device type.
5. Where needed use your username and password that has been provided to you by your remote support person.

Facilitating A DIY SmartHunt:

When you are ready to begin your SmartHunt do the following.

1. Have everyone gather with their team.
2. Share these important tips with everyone:
a. The goal is to score as many points as possible.
b. Teams will be taking photos, videos and answering trivia questions to score points.
c. After completing a challenge it will disappear.
d. Teams can do challenges in any order.
e. Teams WILL NOT have time to complete all of the challenges therefore they will need to strategically pick what challenges they do to maximize their points.
f. There is a “DO ANYWHERE SECTION” that is available. These missions can be done most anyplace, most anytime, as a way teams can take a break or earn extra points.
g. Remind them of when and where the program will finish.
3. Instruct teams that when the event begins they will do the following.
a. Team captain will open the App and hit the START button.
b. After hitting the start button, the captain will enter a team name, and a working phone number, and email address in case we need to reference them later for contact purposes.
4. You may begin your SmartHunt.
5. For the wrap up your remote support will email you your Leaderboard that will include your team scores and download buttons for all photos and videos captured during the SmartHunt.

Technical Issues:
If there are any technical issues please have the team captain contact your remote support. The remote support’s contract information will be the last item in the training section of the app.

Visit the Apple App store!

STEP ONE - Get The SmartHunts App

Go to the Apple App store on your Apple device and download the SmartHunts® App.

If you have any questions, please call Support at text or call 781-704-5030.

FIRST STEP - Download the Android SmartHunts® App

1) Download - Click the SALMON DOWNLOAD BUTTON found below, and follow the instructions. After you click "Download Now", visit the home screen for your updated SmartHunts App.

Follow the operating system installation instructions.

SECOND STEP - Event Game Set up

After you have the SmartHunts App installed, it is time to load your event game.

You will need a user name and password to begin. (If you do not have your user name and password, let us know.) If you have your usr/pw, it is easy.

Easy as One, Two, Three!

1) Login - Click the blue "V" found in the upper right hand of your SmartHunts Screen.

2) Select Game/Download - You will find your available games on the login list. Select your game, and hit "download". You will see the progress of the download. Once complete, you will be advised. You will see red letters at bottom of screen read "ADMIN MODE". You will need to log out of Admin mode, which will set up Player mode.

3) Team Registration - Log out out of "Admin Mode" into "Player Mode". In order to start the game, teams must "Register" with a fun team name, and a cell phone number. Once they complete registration, the game will start.

Important: When you first load the SmartHunts Game, the App will ask for permission to store images in the Photo Gallery, and Video Gallery. If you wish to have your photos saved to your phone, please permit the App to store your images in these locations.

Ready, Set, Go! Enjoy your SmartHunt Experience. If you have any questions, please text or call Support at 781-704-5030.

Hit Download Now! Then proceed to your home screen, you will find the
SmartHunts App on your last screen.

Android - SmartHunts v.1.3(128) - DOWNLOAD NOW!

Download the Apple® IOS Facilitator® App - Apple Device must have iOS v14.x or newer.

Step One : Download TestFlight from the Apple APP store. Scan this QR Code, or click the Download Link below.

Step Two: Download the Facilitator® App using the TestFligt App.

IMPORTANT: Apple Device must have iOS v14.x or newer.

Facilitator - v2.01