Trivia Blitz SmartHunt®

The Trivia Blitz SmartHunt® is a trivia challenge event that incorporates gamification and is delivered in and around your meeting space and venue. This one to one and a half hour event consists of different rounds of customized trivia challenges presented to teams on the SmartHunts app using provided Apple iPads. Teams use the provided Apple iPads to complete the custom corporate trivia challenges and capture photos and videos of their experience. Each challenge a team completes earns them points. The team that earns the most points wins! 


OPENING KICK-OFF– The opening kickoff would be a 5-10 minute introduction to the activity, complete with an energizing competitive warm-up.

TRIVIA BLITZAs teams are completing in challenges and shooting photos and videos on their provided iPad, a live leaderboard is displayed in the room for all to see! The SmartHunts Facilitation Team manages the group and provides a fun and competitive atmosphere for all. This results in a heightened sense of competition amongst teams as they see their scores compared to other teams.

HEADZUP GAME – Also included will be a series of customized ‘Heads-Up’ challenges. Heads-Up is the fun and hilarious game that teams play together. One person from a team holds up the iPad on their head that is displaying a word or phrase. This individual cannot see the word or phrase. The rest of the team members must give clues to the person holding the iPad up so that they can guess the word before the timer runs out! While they are working together, the iPad captures a video of the team in action.

WRAP-UP/AWARDS – The SmartHunt Trivia Blitz activity would then follow and would take 1 hour to complete (depending on your available time). Finally, the closing wrap-up would have the lead facilitator award medals to the winning teams in an Olympics-style medal ceremony.

EVENT DASHBOARD – After your SmartHunt, we will send you a secure link to a private webpage that contains all the photos and videos shot by your group. We can also export statistics on the questions answered and provide these to you.

Our Trivia Blitz is a great way to incorporate fun, competition, and team collaboration into your conference or group gathering!