Mission Possible SmartHunt®

Embrace your inner Ethan Hunt and embark on a covert mission to collect intelligence and decipher clues!

The Mission Possible SmartHunt is a fun, collaborative, and entertaining corporate scavenger hunt where teams complete high-tech photo, video, and trivia missions, puzzles, and teambuilding activities to earn points. The dossier for your mission (our proprietary SmartHunts App) has all of the tech gadget components every spy needs. Teams navigate the hunt through a unique GPS mapping system where missions are pinned. All vital spy details used to decipher cryptograms and to collect intelligence are provided.

As teams use strategy to efficiently navigate the SmartHunt, all photos and videos are scanned by the SmartHunts “Mission Coordinator” who presents them in a slideshow at the concluding awards ceremony. Wining team members will also receive gold medals. We include a professional highlight video that will be provided two weeks post event date.

This top-secret event is a fun way for team members to get to know one another while developing problem-solving skills to reach a common objective. Your mission is possible!