Minute 2 Win It SmartHunt®

The Minute 2 Win It! SmartHunt® is a set of high-energy, high-tech, indoor team building activities delivered in and around your meeting space and venue. The event consists of three different rounds of challenges where teams use iPads® to record points and document experiences with photos and videos.

Minute to Win It – Round 1 – Teams compete in a series of increasingly difficult group activities using everyday household items. Our unique scoring system keeps teams engaged and upbeat throughout the competition.

SmartHunt – Round 2 – Teams explore the area with an interactive SmartHunt, which is a fun, challenging, high-tech scavenger hunt delivered on Apple iPads.

Minute to Win It – Round 3 – Teams continue to earn points as the competition heats up in more Minute 2 Win It style challenges. Throughout all rounds, teams earn points by submitting answers and pass codes in the app. As teams are submitting answers, a game show feel is created with a live updated leaderboard displayed in the room for all to see! Photos taken during the event will be displayed in a slideshow, followed by an awards ceremony where winning teams will receive gold medals!

After your Minute 2 Win It SmartHunt, we will send you a secure link to a private webpage that contains all the photos and videos shot by your group. The page also includes a professional highlight video that will be provided two weeks post event date.

Through shared laughter, interactive games, and playful competition, SmartHunts increase communication, enhance collaboration, and boost morale, bringing teams closer than ever before.