Make-a-Movie SmartHunt®

Lights! Camera! Action!

The Make-a-Movie SmartHunt® is a creative and fun way to experience the essence of any destination while “film production crews” (participating teams) create their very own iMovie trailer. To assist with the creation of the trailer, teams are provided with a limited budget, a variety of movie props, as well as the opportunity to consult with SmartHunts iMovie professionals in exchange for points earned during the SmartHunt.

Using our SmartHunts proprietary app, film crews embark on a movie-themed scavenger hunt, gaining points along the way by the successful completion of photo missions, video challenges, and trivia questions. Throughout the hunt, film crews shoot clips to be used in the creation of their trailer. The customized hunt, pre-loaded on our provided Apple iPad Minis, is tailored to fit your company objectives, group size, and location.

Before even walking out the door, the SmartHunt begins with an introduction which trains participants on how to navigate the SmartHunts App. After an energizing activity guided by our facilitator, teams are on their way!

Once the hunt and trailers are complete, winners are determined by a showing of all trailers, film crew presentations, and scores acquired from the SmartHunt. Gold Oscar trophies will be awarded by judges to the winning film crew!

Effective communication & collaboration combined with shared creativity brings teams closer than ever before.