Event Kick-Off SmartHunt®

Are you looking for unique corporate event ideas to open an annual conference, kick off a meeting or celebrate a company achievement? Maybe you’re used to team building activities for work groups being awkward and silly – not with SmartHunts.

The SmartHunts Event Kick-Off combines the latest in iPad technology, using our proprietary app, with the fun and challenge of a scavenger hunt–allowing your group to get to know each other better, work together to accomplish a goal, and have fun!

The Event Kick-Off can be done at any hotel or conference center, and if you have attendees from out of town, it’s also a great way to learn about the city they’re visiting. In Boston? Take a walk on the Freedom Trail. In NYC? How about a scavenger hunt in Times Square?

Each hunt is customized just for you and your team, based on your group’s goals, size and location – so no two group’s experience is the same.

What’s so great about our proprietary app you ask? The SmartHunts app uses text, audio, video and GPS tracking. A mapping system with clickable pins provides missions and challenges with on-screen maps, showing the location of each team in real time. Teams enter codes into the iPad throughout the hunt that trigger interesting trivia questions and brainteasers to solve. How cool is that?

How it Works
A SmartHunts facilitator uses a game to break the ice and form the group into mission teams. Each team then receives an iPad and learns how to use the app to answer questions, take photos and shoot video, and use the mapping system. Then they’re off!

Using an iPad instead of a paper scavenger hunt allows us to provide missions that use multi-media, such as taking a photo of your team in front of a statue or recording a movie showing your team walking down a famous street. We also provide lots of interactive clues and use QR codes and messaging via the iPad – making your SmartHunt high-tech and engaging! Everyone will love it!

Because the hunt runs from an iPad, group participants can choose the order to complete their tasks – the order of the missions doesn’t matter. This allows each group to develop a strategy, an important skill in team building, to complete the SmartHunt. Teams can choose to do all of the missions with the highest point values or perform the missions based on their location.

The app sends photos, video and mission scoring from each team’s iPad back to the facilitator throughout the day, providing the material for a large-screen, multi-media presentation at the conclusion of the hunt. A video of your event is also available to put on your company website or distribute to your group’s participants.

Aspects of the program may be modified depending on variables including, but not limited to, venue restrictions, program length, and group size.