Planet Hollywood® Celebrity SmartHunts®

Take dinner and a show into the 21st century with the Planet Hollywood scavenger hunt in New York, Las Vegas or Orlando. This fabulous SmartHunt gives your group an opportunity to get out of the theater and be the stars of the show – true Entertainment Outside The Box!The adventure begins at the Planet Hollywood restaurant where you will be welcomed by a famous celebrity look-alike. Your host will split the group into teams, giving each one an Apple iPad complete with the SmartHunts app.

Following a quick set of instructions, your team will be unleashed out onto the Vegas Strip to begin a journey full of fun and shenanigans – and where another faux celebrity sighting might be just around the corner.The iPads will pull triple duty, guiding you around the city, quizzing your team on Hollywood trivia and capturing photos and videos shot of assigned local Landmarks in Las Vegas, New York City and Orlando – all the while hunting for your next celebrity.

There’s one! Your team spots Pee Wee Herman who challenges you to a dance-off. A little shake and shimmy alongside Pee Wee to the Tequila song is filmed by one of your teammates and then you’re off to the next celebrity sighting.

Celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Beetle Juice, Rocky and Captain Jack Sparrow are still waiting to be found, ready with challenges to complete and photo and video ops to capture – more adventure is ahead.

When the exciting tour of the Strip is complete, teams will head back to Planet Hollywood to eat, drink and be merry with their favorite celebrity look-alikes – enjoying the photos and videos of the day that will be playing on big screens throughout dinner.

Medals will be awarded to the winning members, but every participant will go home with memories of being a true Hollywood insider.

Aspects of the program may be modified depending on variables including, but not limited to, venue restrictions, program length, and group size.