Destination SmartHunts® for DMCs

A Destination SmartHunt® is the perfect event for Destination Management Companies. We’ve been delivering successful SmartHunts to DMCs since 2010, and have exciting hunts built for over 200 major locations across America. 

SmartHunts’ proprietary app technology allows us to facilitate fun, collaborative, and entertaining adventures to your client groups, at any location, delivered by our team of facilitators either In-Person or Remotely!

All SmartHunts include fun ice breakers, exciting points of interest, fast paced trivia, pop-culture challenges, riddles & puzzles, photo and video missions, GPS mapping, team tracking, and an awards ceremony wrap up with prizes, live feed leaderboard and multi-media slideshow.

SmartHunts are highly customizable with your destination points of interests and cultural highlights.

A DMC branded SmartHunt® will provide lasting memories for your clients by instantly providing you with all scoring, photos, and videos taken by your clients during their SmartHunt, branded with your clients logo.

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Ice Breaker & Training

(15 Minutes)
We start with fun icebreakers and energizers that introduce participants in an engaging manner while forming teams and assigning captains. We then distribute iPads® to the teams and supply them with a quick training on the SmartHunts App.

SmartHunts® Game

(2 hour)
SmartHunts include challenging teambuilding activities that encourage your group to think SMART, find items, solve clues, answer trivia, perform tasks, and complete fun photo and video challenges shot on our iPads during games.

Award Ceremony

(15 Minutes)
Awards Ceremony includes bragging rights, and client supplied gifts presented to all members of the winning team and a live-feed, company branded, multi-media presentation of the best photos and videos shot by your teams during their SmartHunt.


Our proprietary Apps utilizes text messaging, photo, video, built-in Zoom®, QR Codes, social media, and GPS tracking to produce high quality corporate event.

Customized Experience

Our SmartHunts® App allows us to customize challenges for you based on your goals and objectives. This is not an off-the-rack scavenger hunt.

Expert Facilitation

We take pride in the fact that we have the most talented and experienced professional facilitators in the country designing and delivering SmartHunts nationwide.


In-Person: We provide all of the iPads® for your program.

Remote: We offer easy to load game apps for your phones and tablets.

Our events are turnkey.

Awards Ceremony

All members of the winning team are awarded medals as a multi-media slideshow of the SmartHunt® they just completed is playing on the big screen!

Take Home Video

In addition to the Awards Ceremony slideshow, we also provide a FREE events highlight video, which you can share with others after the event.