Locate & Donate™


Locate & Donate™ is a scavenger hunt designed to give back – a charitable SmartHunt filled with fun and engaging team bonding activities that will boost your group with a collective sense of goodwill and accomplishment.This urban scavenger hunt takes participants on a charity shopping spree across city sights and landmarks.

Like the City Hunt, teams armed with iPads take a custom tour of the sites of their chosen city – earning points by completing challenges and solving brainteasers. Little do they know, a secret mission awaits.  At some point during the day, each team is tasked with a special object retrieval – a mystery package to be delivered to the event’s final location.

The event begins with each team receiving their iPad and instructions on how to take photos, shoot video and use two-way messaging – a SmartHunts feature that connects the team with the hunt coordinator.  The coordinator tracks each team with GPS, downloading the groups’ photos, video and scores throughout the hunt using Wi-Fi and cellular Internet.

Loaded with the one and only SmartHunts app, the iPads run the show. Teams are led around the city in a whirlwind of hilarity and hijinks collecting clues, hunting down items, finding locations and playing games like Wordles, Puzzles, Name that Tune, Name that Movie Clip, Touring Points of Interest, “Before Technology” Quizzes, and Multi-Media Trivia.

Locate & donate includes team bonding activities such as puzzles, wordles, name that tune as well as photo and video missions.

At the hunt’s last location, the mystery packages are finally revealed to contain puzzle pieces. The team’s final mission is to assemble these pieces, and to their surprise discover a large check has formed! This check will represent a charitable donation in any amount you desire your company to make to the organization of your choosing.


Aspects of the program may be modified depending on variables including, but not limited to, venue restrictions, program length, and group size.

Each locate & donate urban scavenger hunt resumes at a final meeting place where participants unveil their "mystery" packages.

Generous donation to Ronald McDonlad House, Denver, CO.


Image 4

Kyle Maynard of K2 Adventure being presented a donaition from Merrill Lynch.





Philanthropic team bonding activities bring a sense of accomplishment as seen by the smiles on these participants faces.

Facebook® donates to The Food Pantry.


Recent Client Comments
“Thanks for making our Scavenger Hunt so memorable! I’ve been working at Facebook for 2 years and your ‘Locate and Donate’ team building program was by far my favorite. Everyone on our team is still talking about how much fun it was! We will definitely look at your other programs when planning our next offsite.”
Jenna P. – FacebookGroup Size: 30 to 1,000+ Team Size: 5 to 10

Program Length: 2 to 2.5 hours

Space Requirement
City, suburbs, attraction, park, hotel resort, anywhere!

Your Locate & Donate includes:
– Large Format Puzzle Check
– Apple® iPads
– Video, photo, and audio clues
– Multi-media trivia
– Photo and video missions
– Mental challenges
– Get-to-know-your-teammates activities
– Multi-team missions
– Two-way messaging
– Gaming
– QR code missions
– Custom clues and missions (corporate messages)
– Destination touring
– Live video conferencing
– Text messaging
– Live participant tracking
– Custom stations
– End of Mission photo slide shows & videos
– Online access to photos & videos from your hunt

We will develop a custom program for you based on the chosen city and your group’s unique goals and desired outcomes.

Team Building Elements
Communication Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Trust and Relationships
Goal Setting
Planning and Accountability
Collaborative Idea Sharing

Eco Elements
Using the SmartHunts proprietary App on iPads eliminates the need for wasteful paper or materials typically used in a traditional scavenger hunt.


Promotes Energizing Interaction – While touring the city and racing to find items, teams will actively engage with one another, enjoying each others company while working together as one to earn points.

Shapes Innovative Problem Solving Skills and Planning – Teams are challenged to use creative problem solving and planning skills, making quick decisions as a team to find the best route and be declared the winners!

Encourages Fast-Paced Fun – Groups will revel in this event, strengthening relationships with shared smiles and laughter as they race to complete tasks and cheer each other on to victory.

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants (minimum of 30) and includes prep, production coordination and all materials, iPads, program customization, a professional facilitator and staffing.

Price does not include the charitable donation.


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