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SmartHunts® - Corporate Events - 30 to 1000 people
Scavenger hunt events designed and delivered Nationwide!
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Types of events: SmartHunts, Entertainment and Charitable

SmartHunts include challenging corporate teambuilding activities that encourage your corporate teams to think SMART, find landmarks, solve clues, answer trivia, search for items, perform tasks, complete challenges, and take photos/video during the hunt.

Mobile Technology

We invented the SmartHunts® & Facilitator® Apps that work seamlessly together, allowing us to deliver an exciting, fun, hi-tech gaming experience for your participants. Our mobile app software takes event design, production and management to a new standard.

Expert Facilitation

We take pride in the fact that we have some of the most talented and experienced professional facilitators in the country designing and delivering SmartHunts® nationwide.